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Dear Marianne: Are there any toys that will help my preschool daughter learn to share? Peggy, Cleveland, OH, Mom of Katie (3 1/2)
I would suggest toys that promote turn-taking. Board and card games encourage this while having fun. Be sure to play with her and really emphasize how proud you are when your child waits for a turn. Clapping, verbal encouragement and positive reinforcement will make this all part of the game. She may soon realize that sharing can be fun.

Toy Lending Library

The First Toy Tips Toy Lending Library at the Franklin Public Library Milwaukee, WI, In addition to checking out books, you can now check out developmental toys!

The first of its' kind, this program is designed for children, parents and educators to ‘borrow’ toys that assist children in developmental skills. All toys available have been researched by Toy Tips and evaluated by the Toy Research Institute “The toys in the collection enhance school readiness and stimulate motor, thinking and social skills,” said Marianne Szymanski, president of Toy Tips.

The toys must be checked out at the Franklin Public Library and have a one week return policy. Patrons must be 18 to check out a toy and a child must have their parent check out a toy for them. For additional information, call the Franklin Public Library at 414-425-8214. Milwaukee, WI

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