Toy Information

Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changer

by Hasbro

Starts at 7 years of age

For Star Wars enthusiasts, this collectible and play toy features a wearable helmet, mask and chest plate that kids can put on themselves. It is sized to fit a child at about age 5 though adult but we suggest the best start age is about 7 due to the content and familiarity of the movies. The is designed to wear, like a costume but it is IMPERATIVE that a child not be running around while wearing this since it can block vision. Also, it should be tested on a child's head prior to play use to be sure there is comfort and correct fit. In addition, a child can hear his/her own voice converted to sound like that of Darth Vader. Two additional modes are included: the first plays the Darth Vader breathing sound, and the final mode plays five of his most popular phrases from the Star Wars movies (The Force is with you, You don't know the power of the dark side, don't make me destroy you, your powers are weak, and there is no escape). The child's voice can be adjusted through three different pitch levels stimulating auditory and listening skills. The voice changer stimulates listening and thinking in the area of electronics and technology because of the voice changer.

"NOTE: This toy is most appropriate for Star Wars fans as interest may fade quickly. Also, children with weaker fine motor skills may have more difficulty manipulating the controls."

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