Toy Information

patemm pad

by patemm & company

Starts at newborn years of age

You probably never thought about the changing pad that comes with most diaper bags until you actually need to use it with a squirmy baby! Then, you realize you wished you had a more versatile and larger one! This round pad is roomier for a child, is tieless and hassle-free for the parent and features a fun colorful design. Made of washable and water-resistant nylon, it is easy to use on a floor, commerical diaper changer you find in most public restrooms (though the sides will hang) and for travel. It folds and can fit inside the flap of a diaper bag, though it is a big larger than the common rectangular sized changing pad. Available in 2 sizes (24 or 30 inches) and 2 styles--with or without inside pockets. NOTE: It should be wiped clean with a disinfectant cloth often. TIP: It can also be used as a sit-upon for outdoor concerts, in the park or at the beach.

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